'Thanos on the Throne' - over 20" high Maquette


Good Day to Everyone, first of all, our hearts are with you and your love ones during this difficult time.  We know many have been impacted by the COVID-19 and unfortunately have lost their jobs or temporarily waiting to go back to work.  We had several conversations and decided that right now is not the time to proceed with this drawing.  We'll leave these pics for Thanos in this section for you and when the time is right, we'll start the drawing again.  Thank you to all who demonstrated interest, we sincerely appreciate your support.  But, the goal is for those who want to participate, but because of current circumstances cannot, have that opportunity later as things improve; and improve they will!

Best regards,


How To Proceed with Drawing!

First we thank you for supporting our family owned small business located in El Paso TX.  To start the contest, please select the button below and you will be directed to our 'Contact US' page - submit your information and how many tickets you would be interested in purchasing. We'll then send you an invoice.  Thank you again for supporting small businesses!