• Flash Gordon Classic 8" Action Figure - Red/Black Costume


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    Year Released: 2010  - - -  Made By: Bif Bang Pow  - - -  SKU: 14826 01120  - - -  Located: 

    Product description

    Out-of-this-world collectible! Alex Ross design from the 1980 Flash Gordon sci-fi movie. Hyper-realistic Dale Arden Action Figure with cool accessories. She will rocket you into the stratosphere! Entertainment Earth Comic-Con Exclusive. Dressed in a stunning white gown, Dale Arden looks better than ever as she catches Flash's eye and that of any of your friends or family that happen to walk by your display. Better take her home while you can! Flash! Savior of the Universe! As a hero of the ages, Flash Gordon has rescued the Earth in cartoons, films, and comic strips. Today, he's saving the world as an action figure designed by Alex Ross! The Flash Gordon Movie 7-Inch Action Figures Series 2 feature the industry's finest sculptors combined with the amazing designs of Alex Ross to create collectibles that are truly out of this world. Each figure includes multiple points of articulation, special accessories, and a sense of hyper-realism that will rocket these action figures into the stratosphere! Flash Gordon, an American football star and title character in the classic 1980 film Flash Gordon, unwillingly travels aboard a rocket ship to the planet Mongo. In order to save Earth from impending destruction, Flash must unite the kingdoms of Mongo to defeat the evil Emperor Ming. Ming unleashes a series of natural disasters upon Earth, but his plans to destroy the planet are thwarted by Flash.