• Jim Lee's Wildcats (Covert-Action-Teams) Giant Maul


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    Year Released: 1994  - - -  Made By: Playmates  - - -  SKU: 43377 01832  - - -  Located: G-05

    For Millennia, two opposing cabals of aliens have conducted secret wars in the midst of human society, in desperate search of a hidden, mystical omnipotent orb.

    On the dark side, the daemonites, a bloodthirsty horde, plan to plunder earth, capture the orb and commence a reign of galactic terror! On the side of mankind, The Kherubmi, joined by humans and crossbreeds, together form the Wildcats (Covert Action Teams) - A super powerful league of heroes. Together, they create a formidable gauntlet to save earth... and the worlds beyond!