• Marvel Legends - X3 Jean Grey


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    Year Released: 2006  - - -  Made By: Hasbro  - - -  SKU: 53569-21975  - - -  Located: 

    Jean Grey was always a source of strength for the X-Men. As one of the first mutants recruited for the team, she was the person that Professor Xavier depended on most. But deep inside Jean lay the all-consuming power of the Phoenix, which awakened when she sacrificed herself to save her friends. Now resurrected as Dark Phoenix, her powers threaten the existence of the entire planet. The X-Men must choose to battle their former teammate to prevent her from destroying everything she once held dear. Add this articulated action figure to your collection. Ready for whatever mayhem comes her way, this X3 Jean Grey figure is highly detailed and one of eight in the Blob Series.