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    Ronnie Lott, an All-America from Southern California, was the San Francisco 49ers' first round draft pick and the eighth player chosen overall in the 1981 National Football League Draft. The 6-0, 203-pound defensive back made an immediate impression and was named the starting left cornerback from his first day in training camp.Known for his hard-hitting style, Lott was used at both left and right cornerback positions and as a free and strong safety during his 14-year career. The versatile defensive back earned 10 Pro Bowl invitations at three different positions cornerback, free safety, and strong safety. It was, however, at free safety, where he had the freedom to cover the whole field, that he may have been most effective.

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    For years, our Sports Picks collectors requested figures of star athletes from years past, and one by one, we provided these Legends lines -­ starting with the NHL, then MLB, then the NBA, and finally the NFL. Collectors had to wait the longest for the NFL Legends series, but they weren't disappointed as we delivered brilliant figures for Barry Sanders, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Franco Harris, Lawrence Taylor and Johnny Unitas. After an impressive debut, we went back to the drawing board and came up with six more of the NFL's greatest players for our NFL Legends 2 series.