• Saban's Power Rangers Turbo - Green Turbo Ranger Turbo Cart


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    Year Released: 1996  - - -  Made By: Bandai  - - -  SKU: 45557 02973  - - -  Located: P-04

    The Turbo Story ---- In their continuing mission to protect Earth, the legendary Power Rangers must put the pedal to the metal when faced with their toughest adversary yet, the Evil Space Alien pirate queen Divatox. Empowered by their new Turbo Morphers, armed with Turbo Weapons and their new individual racers, the Turbo Carts, the Turbo Rangers are ready to take the wheel. Should the battle shift into high gear, each Turbo Ranger can call upon their own Turbo Zords, which unite to form the mighty Turbo Megaphoned. It's a race to the finish and the Turbo Rangers are Earth's last hope for victory. Who will get the checkered flag?