• Star Trek Next Generation Innerspace Series - U.S.S Enterprise Mini Playset NCC-1701-D


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    Year Released: 1995  - - -  Made By: Playmates  - - -  SKU: 43377 06131  - - -  Located: O-03

    Vessel: U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-D

    Type: Galaxy-Class Starship

    Dimensions: Overall length 641 meters

    Power and Performance: Can maintain 12 hours of maximum rated speed of warp factor 9.6. which equals 2.06 trillion kilometers per hour

    History: The fifth and largest, most advanced Federation Starship to bear the name Enterprise. It was launched in 2363 from Starfleet's Utopia Planitia Yards orbiting Mars. Placed under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on a mission of deep space exploration and diplomacy.

    Dr. Leah Brahms of the Theoretical Propulsion Group designed the Starship Enterprise's warp propulsion system. and Commander Orfill Quinteros supervised its assembly. The ship was severly damaged in the Borg encounter of early 2367, and had to undergo six weeks of repair work at Earth Station McKinley.