• Star Wars - New Hope - (Imperial Dogfight Tie Fighter with Ejecting solar wing panels!)


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    Year Released: 2003  - - -  Made By: Hasbro  - - -  SKU: 0 76930 26702 8  - - -  Located: B-04

    Bursting from Imperial hangar bays in gnat-like clouds are the standard starfighters of the Imperial arsenal - the Twin Ion Engine craft known as the TIE Fighter. The single-seater short-range vessel lacks a hyperdrive, and such requires deployment from launch bases and capital ships. It features two fire-linked laser cannons chin-mounted on the ball-shaped cockpit. Though TIE's presented a formidable challenge to pirates and civilian craft, the skilled pilots of the Rebel Alliance mad short work of them in combat. Imperial TIE fighters swarmed around the first Death Star, engaging Rebel Alliance X-wing fighters in fierce dogfights as the Rebels attempted to destroy the massive weapon.