• Star Wars Collector Series Han Solo 12" and Taun Taun


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    Year Released: 1997  - - -  Made By: Kenner  - - -  SKU: 76281 27834  - - -  Located: B-05 

        As the home of the Rebel Alliance's Echo Base, the ice planet Hoth became the site of a terrible engagement between the Imperials and the Rebel Alliance. However, because of extreme weather conditions, Rebel vehicles and machinery had to be modified. Rebels employed tauntauns to use as mounts and pack animals. With their thick, gray fur. the easily domesticated tauntauns are protected from the extreme cold. 

        Han Solo used the swift and sure-footed animal in his search for Luke Skywalker, who had been attacked by the wampa ice creature. Upon Solo's discovery of Luke's body, the arduous search and night temperatures proved too much for the tauntaun. It collapsed in the snow, and Solo had no choice but to use its innards to warm the almost frozen Skywalker, ultimately saving his life. 

        Authentically styled straight from the movies, Han Solo features his highly detailed uniform complete with tauntaun, scanner, macro-binoculars, blaster and more! This special edition set, available for the first time ever, is destined to become a classic collectible.