• Star Wars Deluxe Snowtrooper with E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster!


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    Year Released: 1996  - - -  Made By: Kenner  - - -  SKU: 76281 69724  - - -  Located: 

    he Snowtrooper Deluxe figure includes the E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster. And it breaks down into an astounding nine pieces but comes pre-prepped as seven pieces inside of the packaging. (The barrel and hinge-joint pivot point are attached, and the power box and lid are together as well.) When fully assembled it’s incredibly screen-accurate and possesses decent movement. The included hose has some give but is mostly tough, and it's hard to place the power box in multiple positions because of this reason. Still, it’s a beauty of a toy and will fit into your collection beautifully. Cast in solid black plastic and without any paint operations detail at all, the E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster looks good without this. We would have loved to see Kenner/Hasbro add some wear and tear detail, but it works without it. When you place the included Snowtrooper at the handlebars of this devastating weapon, you have a fantastically amazing display piece, and it’s one of the finest things Hasbro produced to date. You’re probably going to want multiples of these because they’re that good. Let’s take a close look at the included Snowtrooper here. It’s much different than you probably expect.