• Star Wars 'The Black Series' # 05 Luke Skywalker - 3.75"


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    Year Released: 2013  - - -  Made By: Hasbro  - - -  SKU: 53569 88037  - - -  Located: 

    • This Luke Skywalker was released individually carded
    • Pictured here is the first released version - where the strap of the medal is noticeably shorter compared to the second released Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial Outfit)medal
    • Luke's Medal Of Yavin fits well around the neck - and it's easily removable
    • The lightsaber fits well into both hands
    • There is a hole in the belt where the non-ignited lightsaber hilt can be plugged in
    • The blaster fits very well into the right hand - and it fits OK into the left
    • The blaster can be stowed away in the holster
    • The yellow vest is removable - but because the yellow sleeves are painted onto the arms - it would look strange taking it off the figure
    • Despite no joints in the ankles - Luke balances out nicely without needing help from a display stand
    • Out of all the figures Hasbro could have updated sculpt-wise - picking this version of Luke feels like an odd choice