We are taking every measure possible to maintain our Shoppe, our family and you and your family as safe as possible.  Please, Please, Please - try to understand our point as to why we are doing this until further notice.

We are cleaning our floors every 2 to 3 hours with a disinfectant to assure what ever was tracked in to our Shoppe from the outside (which is out of everyone's control) is removed.  All of our cash register area and PC for product viewing and price matching, is also cleaned after EVERY use and/or transaction.  

We are spraying Lysol (or similar product) to every room after every visit to try and reduce the risk of any airborne particles which could be harmful.

We will only allow a maximum of 4 people in at one time AND IT IS MANDATORY that every guest wear a Mask - we will be wearing one as well.  Remember, 'You' wear a mask to protect 'Us', and 'We' wear a mask to protect 'You'.  Most of us have children, toddlers or babies - as in our case - and we definitely don't want to put their health at risk.  So we ask that if you feel or are sick (what ever symptoms they may be, Covid-19 related or not) and/or if ANYONE in your household or someone you have been in close contact with is sick, feels sick or has been contaminated with Covid-19,  PLEASE all we ask is for your understanding and respect in not entering our Shoppe - we do offer the option of On-Line shopping and we'll have curb side service for you.  

There are a lot of uncertainties regarding this virus, so many opinions of what it does, how it affects us and comments on even how it's blown out of proportion.   What ever the case, we do know certain facts:  as of May 15 2020  in El Paso, we're over 1,600 cases and more than 40 deaths already - our sister city Ciudad Juarez has over 580 cases with more than 130 deaths.  Not to mention our neighboring city of Las Cruces NM who is also seeing cases across the state of NM.  The Hard Fact is, The Risk is Real!  There is no doubt about that! That is why we are taking no chances and MUST implement these requirements upon opening our doors, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Lastly, we are asking everyone to register their information (name, phone or email) upon entry for one reason only, the worse case scenario.  If you or we develop any symptoms of Covid-19, we will have to notify everyone that visited our Shoppe within a 15 day period of your visit. We also ask that you notify us as well if you develop symptoms so that we can be in contact with other guests that visited our Shoppe within a 15 day period.  Again, this is a Non-Optional requirement as we want to notify the Health Authorities immediately of any cases that developed or passed through our Shoppe.  

(Your information is kept confidential and only for our records, never to be shared with anyone or entered into any website database)

We sincerely hope you understand our stance and look forward to receiving your at our store.



Returns or Damages

Being most of our items are Sealed High Valuable Collectibles, in most cases all sales are final.  If you would like to see additional pictures of a specific product you are interested in, by all means let us know so that we could get you as many pictures as you need and you are sure of your purchase.  (*vintage, unique items are sold as is, no refunds being these are very rare to find; unless it was deliberately damaged during shipping process or it is not what was listed on our website - then consideration will be taken into place).

If for some reason the item arrives damaged, after a formal review process, we will only issue store credit if the claim is processed and approved.  It is highly recommended that you properly inspect your item upon arrival and any discrepancies are notated on the delivery receipt provided by the carrier making your delivery.  If Delivering carrier stipulates all was received intact with no notations of damages to boxes, the claim will be denied.  Regardless, do not return damaged item until a Return of Authorization has been submitted to you.

If for whatever reason you do not like your item and want to return it, you will be liable for shipping costs to have item returned and a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from original amount paid.   The refund will be submitted after it has been received and inspected for damages or missing items which would create a higher % in restocking fee's or returned to buyer with no refund.

The items will not be shipped until the funds have been received via our Square Payment Process or Pay-Pal and no Refunds will be submitted until we have the item back at our location and could take 10 to 15 days after received.

Thank you for your business.



We realize that some items are very difficult to purchase because of their value and credit card debt is not the answer.  That is why at DOC's we've established a Lay-A-Way program that allows you to obtain those hard to find collectibles or even the modern day statues and 1/6 scale action figures without putting an immediate strain.  If you are interested in one of our items or would like to Pre-Order an item, we can help with payment plans extending from 3 to 12 months.  If you would like to get more info, please send us your question(s) through our 'Contact Us' section and we'll get back to you immediately.

(Note: although we do not apply any type of a fee for this program, an initial deposit of 20% is required.  If for some reason the order is cancelled, we will refund your money less a 20% restocking fee)

Does DOC's Purchase Collectibles?

We most definitely do purchase 'New and Sealed' Collectible toys.  What we do is review the item that you are interested in selling and make sure it's sealed and new; we'll then provide you with an amount (higher than most locations) that we would pay out in DOC Dollars.  What are DOC Dollars?  That is store credit that may be applied towards a purchase at our location.

Why DOC Dollars?  We figured it will get you a better trade value.  Most locations will only give you 30 to 40% of market value on a cash trade.  We'll usually go as high as 65% of trade market value (depending on condition of new sealed collectible) giving you that added $$$ to purchase new Collectibles!  And what better place to get them at than 'DOC's Unique Collectibles'.  And remember, if we don't have it - we'll hunt it down for you.